Updating Opensimulator

OpenSimulator is evolving very quickly, so if you want to keep up with the latest changes you need to update often. This guide is meant for Debian 6 but will probably work in any Linux flavor. With this guide you’ll update to the latest development version of OpenSimulator so be aware that the simulator you install might not work. For this reason it’s important to backup your database and save your current install at least until you’re sure the new version functions.


Start by shutting down your Simulator and backing it up (database backup not included).

#su -
#cd /opt
#screen -r
#mv opensim opensim-backup

Downloading and installing the new OpenSimulator version

#git clone git://opensimulator.org/git/opensim
#cd opensim
#nant clean
#cd bin

Copying configuration files

#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/OpenSim.ini .
#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/Regions/Regions.ini Regions/.

If you use a restartscript:

#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/restartopensim.sh .

If you have OpenSimulator configured for standalone mode, copy the following:

#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini config-include/.

If you have OpenSimulator configured for grid mode, copy the following:

#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini config-include/.
#cp ../../opensim-backup/bin/config-include/FlotsamCache.ini config-include/.

Search and group modules for grid mode

If you are configured for grid mode, you’ll probably also want the search and group modules installed. Those don’t come packaged with the git install. The easiest way to get them is to download the preconfigured OpenSimulator from OSgrid.org. I put it in a directory named opensim-preconf.

#cp ../../opensim-preconf/bin/OpenSimSearch.Modules.* .
#cp ../../opensim-preconf/bin/OpenSimProfile.Modules.* .

Starting Opensimulator

The regular way:

#mono OpenSim.exe

Or if you use a restart script:



If you’re doing this through ssh, don’t forget to use sudo!

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